Mobile content services are emerging as major revenue contributors in the mobile communications sector and content providers need to manage and disseminate their mobile services efficiently to capitalize on the booming opportunity. With mobile content revenues increasing exponentially, having the capability to roll out services fast is a major factor to capture the market.

Integrating Mobile Operators, developing mobile content application from scratch and having an unified billing from all mobile operators are some of the required process that could contribute the delay in service launch. SHRABYTE mobile Messaging provides you the facilities that enables quick to market mobile services.

SHRABYTE is the ideal business-class mobile messaging gateway facility for companies and enterprises to connect their mobile applications to our mobile messaging gateway. Our mobile messaging gateway resides in a world-class data centre facility, leveraging on high-speed performance and reliability.

Supporting both Bulk and Premium messaging services to all major Telcos in Malaysia (Maxis, DiGi, Celcom anfl TM Touch) it includes all the necessary tools, components and API (Application Programming Interface) for ease of integration. Setting up connection to our gateway is a breeze. Whats more for customization, our technicians will assist you to ensure integration is successful.


This solution is ideal for any business partners or companies that require total gateway solution to implement their content delivery via mobile to their clients. By subscribing to this service, you can connect your mobile application to our mobile messaging gateway and start running your application within hours.

Mobile Content Providers
Provide mobile content downloads from SMS-based content (e.g. monophonic ringtones, picture messages) to MMS-based content (e.g. polyphonic ringtones, wallpapers, Java Games, Mobile Karaoke etc.).

Stock broking
Provide your clients with facilities to request for share market information and send alerts to them.

Users can request for gaming results and have them sent to their mobile phones on a scheduled time.

Marketing/Advertising Companies
Update your clients on latest products, services, marketing campaigns and even

Insurance Companies
Agents can request for client information via SMS so they can get updated on-the-go.

Health Industries
Remind your clients on their next check-up appointments.

Travel Agencies
Clients can request for room availabilities, rates, and even place bookings via SMS/ MMS/ WAP.

Courier Services
Clients can check on current package location by sending request based on their delivery ticket number.

Real Estate & Property
Agents can check for property details via SMS. Users can also request for appointments to view properties with selected agents.

Automotive Industry
Car dealers or individuals can post their cars for sale via SMS and have alerts on buyers information sent to them via SMS.

Recruitment Services Provider
Job seekers and employers can have alerts on recruitment "matches".

Consult our sales personnel NOW, on how ')I IRADBYTF''' can help elevate your business to the next level!


SMS/MMS/3G Subscription-based Services
SMS Chat, SMS Gaming, SMS Promotion Updates, SMS Traffic Updates, SMS Astrologies, SMS numerologies, SMS Health Tips, SMS Image Tips, SMS Purchasement Authentication,    Financial    Services,Stock    Exchange Informations,Job Alerts

SMS/MMS/3G Download Services
Ringtones, Screensavers, Wallpapers, Picture Messages, Graphics, Icons, Mobile Coupons ,LIVE TV Chatting, TV mobile game shows

SMS/MMS/3G Lifestyle & Communication Services
Mobile Photography, SMS Calendaring, SMS Friends, SMS Lifestyle Updates, Education Alerts, Accommodation services, traveling services, Mobile TV, Mobile Forums, Mobile Blogs

SMS/MMS/3G News & Information Services
SMS Finance, SMS Travel, SMS Turf

SMS/MMS/3G Sports & Games Services
SMS Games,JAVA Games

SMS/MMS/3G Contest & Voting Services
SMS Contest, SMS Voting

Corporate Solutions
Mobile Marketing,Media - SMS TV,Content Hosting,Mobile Portal Developments Mobile CRM Services,Financial Alerts, Mobile Payments,System Integration, Web - Hosting

Consultancy Services

•    Mobile Banking Solution
•    Mobile CRM Solutions
•    Streaming Technology Solutions
•    Mobile Portal Development Solutions
•    Mobile Location Based Services
•    Mobile Medical Solution
•    Mobile Ticketing/Vouchers Solutions
•    Mobile Authentication Services Solutions
•    Mobile TV Solutions

Features & Benefits

1.      Performance & Reliability
Gateway is hosted in a world-class data centre facility with a high speed performance and reliability.
2.      Unified Integration with all mobile operators in Malaysia
SHRADBYTE integrates with and covers all mobile operators in Malaysia (012,013,014,016,017 & 019) under one pricing scheme so you do not have to worry about integration and pricing issues.
3.      Unified billing across all mobile operators in Malaysia
We provide a unified billing for all mobile operators in Malaysia.
4.      Flexible short code service
We provide the flexibility and options for you to utilize our shared short code(s) or you can opt to have your own dedicated short code for your exclusive use.
5.      Hosted applications
Do not have a server to host your applications? SHRADBYTE covers all that you need including hosting your applications in our server in secure Class-A Internet Date Center for a minimal fee.
6.      Fast deployment
Easily deploy your mobile applications using our SHRADBYTE API (Application Programming Interface) and get connected within hours!
7.      Online reporting features
View your transaction reports and status delivery reports online with our web-based online reporting features.
8.      Fully customizable
All our solutions/applications are fully customizable according to your requirements. Our consultants will guide and assist you in developing and integrating a complete solution that will suit your company and your clients' needs.
9.      Training & Support
All our solutions come with standard product training and technical support. SHRADBYTE also offers another solution for individuals or content provider who wants to develop their unique contents and host it to their own subscribers. This will also help them to increase monthly company revenue. Our technical team also will assist them during the integration of their contents into our gateway.

The model above outlines the general overview of the Mobile Messaging Solution Architecture that is proposed to implement application for content provider. The entities here include:
a)   Mobile Application - Content Provider provides Mobile Application and interface to SHRADBYTE data Server using customized API.
b)    SHRADBYTE  Mobile Messaging Gateway  will provide the interface to the local Telco Mobile Network to send and with the Telco Messaging Centers.

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