Digital Signage

ShradByte Digital Signage solutions include the following

Education Channel

  • Create powerful educational presentations and interactive classes with ease and speed. Manage all of these displays - community television, campus-wide information systems, and interactive kiosks; together from a single location with one set of tools.

Shopping Channel
  • Transmit visually appealing media rich content and advertisements to your shoppers and passers-by, via monitors, plasma screens or interactive kiosks. Reach a diverse audience any time, anywhere, and get your promotional message across with maximum impact while stimulating the buying power on the point-of-purchase.

Hotel Info Channel
  • Use it as an effective visual communications tool to reach out, connect and educate your audience by creating and broadcasting compelling full-screen multimedia productions via corporate intranets or the internet to television, kiosks or computer-based displays in strategic locations.
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